The old gay wiffle test.

In a sense, this is fair enough:


But it’s also easy enough to see the problem: Men (and, indeed, women) from Iran, Afghanistan, various African countries arriving here 2 by 2 claiming to be gay.

How would we scrutinise & validate these claims? Ask them to perform a piece of their choice from Mamma Mia?

The mind boggles.


6 thoughts on “The old gay wiffle test.

  1. Other countries wishing to cut down the expense of keeping troublesome people in prison simply have to introduce laws allowing torture/death as a sentence (even if they never apply such a sentence), then give the troublesome prisoners the option of ‘seeking asylum’ in Britain.

    Result! Troublesome people out of their country and into ours!

    Hmm…No wonder there are so many foreign prisoners in our jails.

  2. The UN asylum rules state that you must go to the nearest safe country. Not forum shop until you find one with a ‘Benefits for life package’ that you like.

    So between Iran, Cameroon and the UK there are no safe countries whatsoever? What a shocker! Who knew?
    ALL our EU chums – UNSAFE (even Gay haters the Dutch? Yep UNSAFE!) The USA – UNSAFE (which must explain that nest of homosexualist haters in San Francisco eh? Though maybe all those rainbow flags I saw in SF are just a cunning disguise?) Every other country on the planet – UNSAFE!

    Only in ‘Grate’ Britain is it safe. Makes you proud to be British doesn’t it.

    I really don’t care if they have romantic inclinations for Vacuam Cleaners and Nora Batty. I do care that we have enough domestic scroungers already and don’t need to import them.

    Madness. Judges eh? Second up against the wall when the Revolution comes.

    • You’ll probably find that gayers are a disproportionately productive sector of society.

      All the ones I’ve worked with have been really good.

      No child-rearing bullshit either.

      • Hopefully thats the case but shouldn’t we be getting our own domestic layabouts into jobs so that we (working stiffs) don’t have to keep young ‘Wayne and Waynetta’ in ‘cheap cider and Heroin’ benefits?

        British jobs for British Workers in fact?

        Now if Mr Iran and Mr Cameroon were ‘go getting’ enough to start up a SME and employ a few Wayne’s then I’d be banging the drum to bring lots more in!
        But that should be the criteria for (ahem) entry not where they play ‘hide the salami’. Which frankly I couldn’t care less about.
        I’m not too keen on the little ‘snot creation area’s’ myself. So we’d have that in common.

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