I smell bullshit

This was pointed out by someone on Twitter.


Why? What intelligence did they get? Probably none. More likely they realised that when the public were told that Moat was only targeting the police, the public reaction somewhere between ‘meh’ and ‘bring it on’.



8 thoughts on “I smell bullshit

  1. Great minds, or fools seldom, either. Odd, isn’t it, how at least two of us would immediately think, hmm, bit convenient that…. Can’t think why.

  2. Hey don’t upset my new friends al Jahom.

    I renewed my Car Insurance in April. One instalment duly paid. This monday my genius Insurance company -ultimately it’s one with that annoying hippy advert. Decided to take my 2010 car off the MID. So I get stopped by the law on the way home….and again…and again. By now I’ve called the company three times, complained to the MID and oh yes. I’m still not on the MID.
    So I’m meeting lots of new people…trouble is they are all cops.

    What do you call a small dense lot of trees…copse.

    Good job the ID card database isn’t running. Imagine the hassle if you got deleted off that. ‘Sorry sir you can’t be Mr Ethan as according to the database you don’t exist’. God I hate a lot about this modern world.

  3. Yup, that’s exactly what I thought as well.

    Sad, in a way, but that’s what 15 years of reading about police abuse of powers has led to.

    And isn’t that Sue Sim the worst public speaker <i

  4. “targeting ‘general public’, say police”

    Doesn’t this make you think that ALL the ‘general public’ should routinely be armed?

  5. The policepeople have told all the inhabitants of Rothley to come to a meeting at the school at 6.30.

    Er? Is using the public as bait their latest strategy?

  6. Yeah, thought the same. Though I quite like the idea that he’s maybe phoned someone he knows and had an argument that’s ended with ‘Fuck it, I’m sick of the lot of you’

    By the way, why did the transcript from his ex-bird’s father have to include the Geordie accent? Don’t remember them doing that with appeals in the past. What next, breathless reports in the Doric when a sheep goes missing?

  7. I immediately thought so too. I was assuming that it was a ploy to get him to make contact with the press or something similar and say “no I’m not”.
    What’s the chances they’re saying that he took it up the wrong ‘un in prison next?

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