The penny finally drops

I pointed this out on 26 October 2008 and 5 May 2009.

Someone has finally pointed the elephant out.

Better late than never I suppose.


Analysts for Saturn Energy calculated that a fuel duty of up to 10p a mile would be required to pay for the extra demand which will be created if the Government’s targets on renewable energy are hit.

The Climate Change Committee has said that 1.7 million electric cars should be on Britain’s roads by 2020.

The firm’s experts said the National Grid was already struggling to provide enough power for Britain’s needs and urgent modernisation was required to boost capacity to provide for the needs of any surge in the number of electric cars.

The firm also said that electricity should cost "about the same as petrol", which is certain to deter those motorists who are shifting to electric cars to try to save money on driving.

Critics of electric cars have cited research which appears to show that such vehicles are only half as efficient as diesel engines, once the environmental cost of traditional power generation is taken into account.

Well I’ll be damned.



6 thoughts on “The penny finally drops

    • Actually, it’s the Tellygiraffe’s link that’s fucked.. was hoping they’d get around to fixing it sometime soon.

  1. And in other news, sun rises in east, ursine habits in arboreal environments established, Pope’s religious affiliations revealed…

    But since it’s AC power from the mains, at least the electrons are recycled. 50 times a second.

  2. Whaddaya mean “National Grid”?

    I thought all this green power came from special sustainable elec”tree”city forests?


    Chris Huhne

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