The day my optimism about the coalition died

I thought we’d seen the last of this crap:


Theresa May, who is the Equalities Minister as well as Home Secretary, said that the implementation of the Equality Act, which was passed into law in the last Parliament, would go ahead as planned from next October.

Mrs May said that the new law – which brings together nine separate pieces of legislation into a single act – would make it easier to comply with anti-discrimination rules.

Oh, that’s all it is, is it? A tidying-up exercise. Where have I heard that before. Oh yes. Lisbon Treaty.


Mrs May said that implementing the act in accord with the planned timetable demonstrated the new coalition Government’s commitment to equality.

”By making the law easier to understand, the Equality Act will help businesses treat staff fairly and meet the needs of a diverse customer base,” she said.

Meet the needs of a diverse customer base? You mean, we make stuff, and sell it to people who want to buy it? Sort of like a ‘market’ of some kind.

”A successful economy needs the full participation of all its citizens and we are committed to implementing the Act in the best way for business.”

I .. err.. well. Right. That’s like saying, “we’re going to make this leather jacket in the best way for the cow.”




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3 Responses to The day my optimism about the coalition died

  1. Jiks says:

    She did something sensible the other day, got rid of the Policing Pledge. It seems like swings and roundabouts ATM, may not yet be time to give up hope entirely. Well, we will see, I guess …

  2. SadButMadLad says:

    I wonder when they’ll bring in a law that requires companies to publish the pay salaries of homosexuals and hetrosexuals. Then it’ll be down to racial differences. Then it’ll be down to height differences. Then weight differences. Then based on the colour of peoples eyes.

  3. I am also wondering what kind of equality would that be. Is it based on Rawls’ theory of equality? I guess, we need to wait and see if such implementation will really cater to the nature of the so-called equality of all men. But when it boils down to further discrimination, it is good for nothing!

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