Special Pleading

I’m Sikh to death of this.


Sikhs travelling through Britain’s aiports will no longer undergo ‘humiliating’ searches of their turbans following fierce criticism of the policy.

Just two months ago security staff were told they could pat down and unravel a sikh’s turban if the metal detector bleeped as they walked through.

But these powers – given under European legislation – were branded as unaccpetable by the religion’s leaders in Britain and the Department of Transport has had to act quickly.

‘It is considered very offensive to remove or touch a Sikh’s turban, especially in public,’ said Dr Indarjit Singh CBE, advisor to the Commission for Racial Equality.

Okay, you find it offensive. Whatever.

Pretty much every aspect if flying is now humiliating or offensive to pretty much everyone.

So how about we settle for this: Unless there is specific intelligence about an individual, all air passengers should be treated with equal dignity and respect, irrespective of their beliefs, garb or origin.

Then we don’t need to have any more of this divisive multi-culti nonsense.



One thought on “Special Pleading

  1. 100% agree.
    If there’s something metal or that’s emitting the same chemical signature as semtex under that barnet then I want it inspected. I suppose Captain Hook will now claim to be a sikh?

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