Ahhh the RSPCA again

Seen in the Tellygiraffe.


Alan Brough, a 68-year-old retired builder from Newbiggin near the Cumbrian fells, bought Shetland ponies 30 years ago for his daughters, who in time outgrew them. Mr Brough released them onto the nearby moorland of Caldbeck Fell where, thanks to his continued care – which included rising at five o’clock each morning to bring them hay – they flourished and became a herd. Eventually the picturesque sight of 90 wild ponies became something of a tourist attraction and a distinctive feature of that northern corner of the Lake District.

Eleven days ago, at the instigation of the RSPCA, Mr Brough was arrested at 8.30am and held in custody at Carlisle police station while officials of the charity put the ponies onto lorries bound for RSPCA-approved sanctuaries. When Mr Brough was released at 3pm and discovered what had happened, he was, according to his family, “trance-like”. He drove to a nearby church, then to a riverbank, where some time later his 18-year-old grand-daughter found him. He had hanged himself.

I wonder how John Northam is getting on, following the comment he left on my recent post.

Need to followup on the story above. I have not been charged with anything yet so it is not yet sub judice. The RSPCA did contact me after 7 increasingly angry messages at the call centre phone calls to various vets etc trying to locate my cat.

18 hours after taking my cat they told me that they want to question me ‘under caution’ under this draconian piece of legislation called the Animal Welfare Act (2006) . I told them that I did not recognise their authority to do this so next week at some time I will be cuffed (that’s the local Police policy), taken to a Police cell and interrogated because I did not have my cat put to sleep 2 weeks ago.

Apparently the RSPCA know my cat better than I do. I intend to make a big commotion about this and have already spoken to my local MP. This is an excellent blog and I have spammed FB with the link. Everyone should know what complete bastards the RSPCA are and how much power the Animal Welfare Act givens them.

Has he been arrested and had his DNA taken yet, on account of his poor old moggy?

I’ll never tire of saying this: If you give money to the RSPCA, you should be utterly ashamed of yourself.



Might as well parcel-up the NHS and sell it to Walmart

My mum is very pro-NHS, and always comes up with:

Your father had fantastic treatment. If it wasn’t for the NHS, he’d have died years earlier.

This, as I’m wont to point out to her, is manifest bollocks. We wouldn’t replace the NHS with NOTHING, but with something else.

In what other European country would one being on a waiting list for a kidney for 15 years, 8 of which years you were also queuing for a scarce place at a dialysis clinic, all the while relying on sub 5% kidney function, a starvation diet and a cocktail of drugs that eventually precipitated a heart attack?

In France, Germany or Spain, he’d have had much better and more timely treatment at every stage.

But she doesn’t get it and she never will because she’s Labour to the core.

It is quite possibly the worst conceivable way to deliver healthcare. Because under this state system, the critical element of ‘care’ is sorely lacking.

This is disgusting. and defenders of the NHS should hang their heads in shame.


Jo Dowling, 25, sent over 40 messages to her mother and best friend including pictures of the rash that later killed her as it spread across her body.

Despite her GP correctly diagnosing the condition and getting her admitted to hospital, doctors stopped her antibiotics and gave her painkillers instead.

The coroner yesterday said a simple dose of penicillin would have saved her life.

Her family have accused the hospital of neglect.

Miss Dowling’s father Ivor, 52, said: “The first doctor who saw my daughter did everything he was supposed to do but after that these doctors and nurses failed to spot her failing vital signs.

“They were obnoxious and arrogant. She was neglected.”

Indeed she was. Still, at least Milton KeynesHospital is hitting its all-important diversity quota.

Milton Keynes Coroners’ Court heard Dr B S Khattak, a locum consultant; Dr Chris Akubuine, a general physician; and trainee doctor Vivake Roddah, as well as five nurses, failed to correctly treat her.

Is it, therefore, any surprise that the coroner concluded:

"As a result of a breakdown in communication the antibiotics was not continued and resulted in lost opportunities to render further medical treatment."

A communication breakdown? Ya think?

A spokesman for Milton Keynes Hospital NHS Foundation Trust said it “fully accepts the verdict of the inquest”.

That’s very big of you. So what’s going to become of the NHS managers and clinicians responsible for this mon-fucking-strosity of a problem?

Nothing at all, I expect. They wouldn’t want to risk being accused of racism, after all.

I’m far from being a fan of the compensation culture, or the bottom-feeding lawyers who facilitate it, but I hope the family pursue the PCT and the doctors through every court in Europe.


Equality: Great job, ladies

I wonder if the ConDems are intent on keeping Jack Straw’s policy of preferential treatment for female convicts.


Miss Brown stabbed her boyfriend’s upper thigh with a carving knife severing several arteries, before running away.

Her sister Toni, 25, refused to call an ambulance to her home in Greater Manchester.

A jury at Manchester Crown Court was told he would probably have survived if he had received medical attention.

And another:


Lucy Viner-Mood, 22, and Lois Gibson, 18, locked Georgia Fenn in a flat for 18 hours while they beat her unconscious repeatedly.

Miss Fenn, 19, suffered burns from a cigarette lighter, had her ponytail cut off and suffered two black eyes and a broken nose.

The two flatmates attacked her in March after hearing that she had slept with Viner-Mood’s former boyfriend, Maidstone Crown Court heard.

A judge, who described the attack as “evil”, sentenced Viner-Mood to five years in jail and Gibson to three years in a young offenders institute.

Actually, this raises an interesting point. The latter pair got 5 & 3 years for “burns from a cigarette lighter, her ponytail cut off and two black eyes and a broken nose”

The former, where a guy was stabbed to death?

Samantha Brown was sentenced to five years in a Young Offenders Institute while her sister was received a four-year jail term

Oh, fair enough then. In the eyes of the law, the life of a man is worth less than the life of a woman.

That’ll be just fine. Pfffft.


Last orders

Vote for meeeeeeee. Polls close tonight.





Their mothers must be so proud

I refer, of course, to the lawyers acting on behalf of Ian Huntley.


This country is utterly beyond redemption.

Kill it with fire.


Actions have consequences

I think I have an idea.


The team’s coach, Kim Jong-hun, was reportedly forced to become a builder and has been expelled from the Workers’ Party of Korea.

The coach was punished for "betraying" Kim Jong-un – one of Supreme Leader Kim Jong-il’s sons and heir apparent.

Fabio? Are you listening? See that hod of bricks? Chop chop, eh?


What DK said

The IPSA thing rolls on.

I’ve said my piece. Obo has kept the flame alight.

DK steps up to the crease to open the third innings, with style and alacrity.

He responds to a pretty lame cri de coeur relayed by Tory Boy*.

Perhaps these morons could try the old “oh, I couldn’t work out how to do it” on HMRC and see what the reaction is? It would be something along the lines of “you owe us a £100 surcharge plus 10% interest for every day that you fail to submit. Oh, and stop fucking whining about it, twatface.” Which, coincidentally, is pretty much what my response to this IPSA debacle is.

I say, more power to IPSA’s elbow: make these MPs suffer and maybe—just maybe—these people will stop trying to tie the rest of us up in bureaucratic knots. And even if they don’t, at least they’ll be having a miserable time.

Do read the whole thing, and admire DK’s ability to make the post stand up without invoking Tom Harris.

While you’re at it, read DK’s take on Chris Huhne’s fuckwitted energy policy. It reflects my view very well indeed.


* He loves it so

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