Diane Abbott: Nailed to the wall. Watch and laugh.

I missed this on Thursday night, so I’m pleased The Telegraph drew my attention to it.

Now with Abbott running for Labour leader, Andrew Neil has turned the full, brilliant, glare of his scrutiny on his fellow star. The look of shock on Abbott’s face – as he fired unfriendly questions at her – was simply wonderful to behold. It has cheered me up even more than the sun finally coming out.

Watch and laugh heartily.

Pretty much covered the points I made here previously. Nice work, Brillo.



3 thoughts on “Diane Abbott: Nailed to the wall. Watch and laugh.

  1. Well, that kinda puts a new slant on Brillo’s attack on DK. If he’ll do it to a fellow ‘presenter’ then he’s consistent.

    Joy to watch, though.

    Personally (you know my MO), I loved the ‘if Labour had listened to their voters’ bit from someone who voted to kick working class smokers out of their pubs. ;-)

  2. It’s also well worth watching to see her body language when she is asked about the taxi expenses. Classic lying signs. That £192 isn’t a packaged up number of seperate receipts. And that £1100 is not all taxi fares.

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