Justice. Well, sort of.

Remember this:




A win.

Of course, it sucks balls that the notion of complaining over sex-discrimination even exists, but this is the world we’re in and we have to play the game.

So, I’m glad this guy sued those useless gits at BA, and I’m glad he won. I salute him.

On the other hand, if I’m on a plane I don’t even want to be in the same section as a child, let alone in an adjacent seat, so their policy would have suited me fine.

This cost to BA, paltry as it is, will be most unwelcome, given their perilous financial position. And all because their militant snack vendors lack brains, charm and tact. No wonder they’re the best paid snack vendors in the sky.

I certainly hope BA sacked the moron responsible for this mess.



3 thoughts on “Justice. Well, sort of.

  1. I remember when this happened and it was in the papers. Like you say, AJ, I would hate to be sat next to a kid but if someone tried to move me because I might be a pedo I’m sure the indignation and the awkwardbastardness would set in.
    Well done to him.

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