Just a few bad apples

Or so they always say.


Enjoy your porridge, bitch.

Not as bad as this utter Scunthorpe though:


Never trust the police.



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5 Responses to Just a few bad apples

  1. JuliaM says:

    Oh, I get it! It’s only the ugly police officersthat are crooked, right?

    Actually, when I first saw that policewoman’s picture, I thought the paper was running an old story about Karen Matthews!

  2. Holy fucking Jesus, is that first one a woman? Or is it a Bulgarian thug with an odd barnet?

  3. Chuckles says:

    ‘is that first one a woman?’

    Obo, At a guess, I’d say ‘Only just’

    And looking at the second offender, no way was he getting any short of extortion with menaces?

  4. DerekP says:

    “Cloud was jailed yesterday for two years at Southwark crown court. Judge Geoffrey Rivlin, QC, said her sentence would have been twice as long were it not for her young son, and the fact that she pleaded guilty at the first opportunity.”

    Two years? Take into consideration time on remand, time off for ‘good behaviour’ etc and it will turn out this is just a week-end break.

    She “pleaded guilty at the first opportunity” because she knew that despite being caught bang to rights this would still reduce her sentence. What a sick joke our legal system is.

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