Music to my ears

No, not the bloody vuvuzelas. This:

We have to accept that a lot of the public can look after themselves. When times get hard you really have to target resources.”

And from a surprising quarter, too.


I’m 100% behind this, provided those with a lesser police service are entitled to properly and robustly defend themselves, their family and their property, as well as uphold basic civil values. A reduction of the police precept in their council tax should be forthcoming as well, to help them to pay for private security.

Now, that I’d like to see.


5 thoughts on “Music to my ears

  1. I’m 100% behind this, provided those with a lesser police service are taxed less, as you suggest.

    But it won’t happen.

    Also not happening: the ‘new’ concept of self-reliance being extended to H&S, anti-alcohol/driugs/bullying schemes, etc…

  2. Yep, I agree,

    if the NHS can decide whether, or not, to treat me, I’d like to opt out of paying for that shite service too. I wonder how quickly they’d change their tune if people could opt out of paying for a dangerously dirty, slow service.

    Who are these bastards that think that they can take our cash and then decide not to supply the contracted service?

    Time to elect police chiefs and other fonctionnaires, that’d put a rocket up their arses

  3. It looks as if they’re formalising the policies that have already been used in England – but carried out by the forces themselves. They put up big banners saying an area is ‘low crime’ then close local stations, or make them part-time. “Command Areas” have been amalgamated, and call centres manned by people with no idea of geography. City centre hotspots are about the only place to see a police officer these days, or standing behind a speed gun.

    Trouble is the costs to rate/council tax payers remain the same.

  4. Damn oiks they get all the breaks. I agree Al ‘no taxation without representaion’ or in this case service! Bring on the elected police chiefs.

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