Clarkson finally cottons on

On 7th June 2009, I wrote a post called “A New Constitutional Settlement” in which I proposed redrawing the Scottish border along the M62.


So I was amused today to read Clarkson suggesting practically the same thing, for precisely the same reasons.


Well, Jezza. Let me say just this: First, bitch.


9 thoughts on “Clarkson finally cottons on

  1. Unfortunately much of Liverpool, all of Manchester and all of South Yorkshire lie south of the M62.

    Why not cut off the North at the A52 Stoke to Skegness?

    (I admit I live in one of the nicer bits north of there)

    • If you read my article, you’ll see that a small adjustment was made at the west end of the M62, and Liverpool is north of the line.

      Manchester is a splendid and productive place.

      As for, South Yorkshire, well, we’ll need places to build power stations :)

  2. Hmm, interesting idea. Can’t read the rest of the article without registering! But why give them more land, and make England smaller?

    By the way, the Google Ads are back – below the individual posts, not on the main page of your blog.

    There are five of them advertising (links snipped)
    “How A Trust Deed Works
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    Bankruptcy Scotland Act 2007
    Debt Help and Advice for Scottish Residents. Try our 30 sec Debt Test

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  3. I refuse to be reclassified as a Jock. I am am Geordie and that means I am English. Hadrian’s Wall was put there for a reason. I’m all for cutting of Scotland but you soft southern lot haven’t got a clue.

  4. I suppose Luton is considered fairly southern? seems ‘oop North to me. I’d be delighted to rid ourselves of the assorted twunts who reside there who decide to abuse our returning troops.

    But I’m a reasonable chap. Either let Luton and further north ‘go forth and etc’ or allow free range ‘lamping’ of the likes of the Luton Anjem Choudhary.

  5. I’ve got an even better idea! Let’s make everything inside the M25 a self funding principality, with a 10 mile exclusion zone around the perimeter. Then those of us outside the zone can sell London it’s power, water, utilities (charging usurious wayleaves for supplies coming in from overseas) and see how the bastards like it?

    As an added benefit we could all get on with our lives again, unhindered by legislation from Wasteminster. Ok, we’d need to give the Jockinese and those Welshies a thumping every now and again but you can’t have everything.

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