Seeing the world through feminist glasses

This is breathtaking nonsense:


What follows is a mishmash of clichés, conflations, straw-men, weasel words and irrelevant nonsense, apparently all sourced from a barman.

All of which can be rebutted in very few words:

Normal? He killed 12 people*


*If you include solicitors and estate agents.


9 thoughts on “Seeing the world through feminist glasses

  1. What I think she is saying is that all men are like Derrick Bird and that they should all be locked up because they all have sexual urges and serve no useful purpose in life. That’s my impression of her “article”.

    • Moi :o)

      Where did I say she offended, or sought to?

      The category ‘offence seekers’ refers to those who seek out offence or victimhood where it either doesn’t exist or is completely irrelevant.

      She ticks that box.

  2. She took a grand off him, but he’s the predator? Life’s so simple when you’re a fanatic, isn’t it?

    I’ve only lived in Thailand for seven years, obviously I know nothing of the bar girl business compared to a Guardian columnist, but I would point out that girls are only forced into it in the same way starlets are forced to wait table in LA.

    JuliaM, even while mere babes they reach for your breast and make sucking noises, what further proof do you need?

  3. “Life’s so simple when you’re a fanatic, isn’t it?”

    Maybe that’s the attraction of such a stance for people like her? God knows, it can’t be because she thinks it’s making her look intelligent, can it?

    Or maybe, in her circles, it really does..

  4. Just as a bit of a heads up, over the last couple of years there has been a substantial increase in Russian visitors to Pattaya, as they haven’t had their economy stuffed over by communists, and in their wake has come a large number of eastern European working girls. Curiously, I’ve never seen this mentioned anywhere. Doesn’t fit the poor abused little Asian girl narrative, I suppose.

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