Fair comment

Voltaire invoked:


As I’ve written before, it would be deeply hypocritical of me to condemn the man for his eccentric views.

Of course, to me and many others, the perceived consequence of Thatcher being wiped from history may be stark and alarming.

Now put the boot on the other foot.

I’d put on a tuxedo and go to the opera of Blair and Brown being gunned down by an irate taxi driver in 1996.

To me, that would wipe out a multitude of national disasters in one fell swoop. To many on the left, it would mean the loss of 13 years of welfare, hosing the NHS down with money, replaced by poverty, pestilence and plague.

The Labour leadership ‘battle’ is so comically anodyne, with clichéd dog whistles aplenty, I hope this McDonnell chap makes the cut, if only to inject some much needed colour into the contest.



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