Bans, discrimination and jerky knees

Recall the row over Gays being barred from certain B&Bs?

Yesterday, there was a troupe of flaming mincers (aka the London Labour LGBT group) apparently dissed by a pub manager. As you might imagine, Twitter was awash with invective as feathers flew from flailing boas.

Personally, I’d no more want to get on the wrong side of that lot of lefty nutjobs than I’d want to teabag a wolverine.

They lodged a complaint with the police about alleged homophobic remarks. Can you say wasting police time? Anyone?

So let me pre-empt them by saying this: I don’t care what sexual preferences you have*. Nothing could be less important to me. What really yanks my chain is offence-seeking drama queens and wearers of the cloak of victimhood. Neither trait is unique to gays, nor does it apply to all gays. It is, however, almost entirely the preserve of the left.

The argument put forward not just by me, but by enlightened gay people too, is that the market should be allowed to decide. Any business that discriminates against potential customers won’t last long in a free market.

Which brings me to the reason for this post.

There’s a very interesting post over at Anna Racoon’s place. While it addresses race in America, precisely the same principles apply.

Recently, there was a bit of a furore in the USA when a Republican candidate for the US Senate, Rand Paul (son of the famous Ron Paul) said that he despised racism, but that he felt that the state had no business telling people that there were legal sanctions on racism. He said that the Community Relations Act of 1964 went too far in banning racism in private businesses, effectively ending private freedom of association.

John Stossel went on TV to defend freedom of association to the media.

Here it is:

Do read the rest of the article over at Anna’s place as the argument is linked back to the B&B (and pub) question.


*A fuller picture of my attitude to homosexuality can be read here. Hint: I still don’t care one way or the other.


3 thoughts on “Bans, discrimination and jerky knees

  1. One thing I noted from the Greencoat Boy pub case is that the police turned up very quickly. When the public see that the LGBT lot seem to get preferential treatment as opposed to their own cases of harrasment by yobs (see for an example) then all the gains that the LGBT have gained over the years will very quickly disappear. If you keep saying “I’m a victim” too often, you’re going to get ignored pretty quickly.

    Homophobia (and racism) are now know to be pretty abhorrent views, even though some might still hold such views privately. Ask such as person in public and they will give a different answer to when asked in private. However, the simple fact that they give two different answers shows that they know they are in the wrong. But people are entitled to hold such views. Just like some are entitled to believe that socialism is the one and true political belief.

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