The Girl with the Gordon Gun

Poor little rich girl, Ellie Gellard, seems to have definitely caught the lurgy from Gordon.

From the moment she endorsed Ed Balls in the Guardian, things looked bleak for Blinky.

I find no shame, therefore, in guffawing like a good’un at this:


Of the leadership contenders, Andy Burnham fares best, with an approval rating of -2, followed by Ed Miliband on – 5, David Miliband on -7 and Ed Balls on -39. Of the four, more of the public (61 per cent) had an opinion on Balls than any other candidate.

That’s quite something, and I think it’s worth presenting in a graphical form.


What’s more:

Of the four, more of the public (61 per cent) had an opinion on Balls than any other candidate.

One thing is for sure, it’ll look properly rum if he wins this contest, care of the unions.



5 thoughts on “The Girl with the Gordon Gun

  1. Does Labour accept postal votes? Or do they only want real people to vote. Thats very racist of them isn’t it?

    Such a pity cos Balls would have killed Liebour for ever.

    Well I’m sure such a deep committed whatever, as BevaniteThingy will find some other lame duck islingtonian dinner party fashionista cause.

    How about PalliHumousEllie? or ChavezEllie? CubaEllie? TootingPopularFrontEllie? JudeanPeoplesFrontEllie? BaaderMeinhofEllie? Bit late for that one though.

    Hard to say isn’t it.

  2. Fuck the onions… I just think it’s funny as fuck that all of Labour’s ratings have a minus in front of the number… priceless!!!

    I’m sure all of them will bang a nail in the coffin… it’s just that Balls would have banged them in at an entertaining rate of knots!

    It’s obvious who’s going to win just by looking at the backers… Dave… and he just totally isn’t cut out to be an effective opposition leader (or PM); so I think we can relax for a while.

    • But, while they need MPs for nomintation, the voting is party-wide, with union block votes, is it not?

      Don’t believe DMil or EMil, can win that fight.

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