Paul Chambers Appeal Announced

Further to previous posts, Jack of Kent has just posted the news:


And there’s plenty of reason for us to continue to support the fund raising effort that is being undertaken to support this appeal.

The appeal will now be primarily undertaken by the awesomely formidable Stephen Ferguson, one of the United Kingdom’s best and most sought-after defence and appellate barristers.

However, in Jack of Kent’s will also continue to provide pro bono legal support to Paul, as will a similarly esteemed media lawyer. This continues to imbue a certain cognitive dissonance in me, but it’s all good.

Paul and his legal team will also have support pro bono from myself and Andrew Sharpe (who tweets as @TMT_lawyer).

This is all good news, and I can only wish all involved in this effort the best of luck.

Oh, wait. No, I can also give some more cash to the fund.




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