Stuff otherwhere

CBA syndrome playing up today, but here are some things you should read:

Mummylonglegs gets all Metabloggical.

Possibly, in part, because Constantly Furious is calling it a day.

Maybe because Man Widdicombe is having his world torn asunder.

B&D speak out on the Israel Flotilla thing. Dizzy has video. More sources of info here.

The Oracle of Cullingworth speaks of contrarian virtues.

The New Statesman thinks wage controls should be introduced into the private sector. A bunch of comedians called Compass thinks we should do this. In 13 years of Labour government, it didn’t happen. Now? Who can say.

Here’s why I don’t want an iPad, however much I think I need one.

Some halfwitted American woman is suing Google due to the directions she got from Google Maps, that caused her to get run over. /headdesk.

Interesting to watch things unfold over at Jack of Kent’s place, as he examines the Gary McKinnon case.

I want one of these :o(

Charon QC seems to have taken the wrong bottle out of the cupboard again.

I have the same tables as Charlotte Gore. Dollars to donuts we don’t use them for the same purposes.

Giles Coren wonders why we’re not buying his book, when we can read the columns therein for free on the web. He also complains about The Times’ paywall for making his stuff no longer available for free.



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