Should I laugh or cry?

Okay, first, the laughs:



Now the piss boiler:

The 26-year-old, who squandered his multi-million fortune on drugs, gambling and thousands of prostitutes, has since February claimed £42 a week in jobseeker’s allowance.

That’s right, folks. He had over 9 million quid, on which I doubt he had to pay any tax, but we’ve been paying him dole for 4 months.

As if he hasn’t already cost us enough:

He arrived to collect his winnings wearing an electronic offender’s tag, fitted after he was found drunk and disorderly and has appeared before the courts dozens of times for anti- social behaviour.

In 2004, Carroll was jailed for five months after failing to comply with a drug treatment order, imposed as part of a sentence for cocaine possession.

He was also handed an Asbo by magistrates in King’s Lynn, Norfolk, for catapulting ball bearings at cars and windows from his Mercedes, causing thousands of pounds of damage.

Feed ‘im to the pigs, Errol.


3 thoughts on “Should I laugh or cry?

  1. Is it just me, or has he put on a *lot* of weight since his first pictures?

    Prostitutes must be fattening – the next government ban?? The proles must be told!

  2. What a nob! Sounds like he should be in a fookin wheelie bin, not collecting them. How can you blow nearly 10 million quid? Im surprised he is still alive if all thats gone on booze, drugs and prozzies.

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