Transparency: You’re doing it wrong

Your data isn’t safe in the hands of HMRC. Previously, they lost confidential details of 25 million people.


Around 19,000 individuals were sent other people’s personal information in the post along with their annual award notice.

They each received one page of someone else’s tax credit renewal form which included a variety of different personal details.

These included names, addresses and dates of birth, as well as parts of bank account numbers, salary details and National Insurance numbers.

Another 31,000 people received the correct forms, although they were jumbled up in the mail-out, which started on Saturday.

One woman from Hyde in Greater Manchester said she had received a letter that included her neighbour’s earnings.

Geniuses. They JUST DON’T CARE about the actual and potential damage they do.



One thought on “Transparency: You’re doing it wrong

  1. That’s one way to stop people claiming…

    Course they don’t care, they’re semi-literate unemployable heavily unionised clockwatching chimps, who are on peanuts, chained to a desk… may as well be chained to an oar. Clickety click, whoops!

    You could reduce the chance of this happening by having a lot less of the system and it’s bureaucracy in the first place, and decentralising what’s left of the system and having smaller teams of people working on it as part of a local county-level admin; but ultimately, when you hand over your private data to the state, you are asking for trouble… the evidence is uncontestible… Health records, financial stuff, conviction history, whatever… it doesn’t bear thinking about.

    I suppose the only way is to get a better job, change your name, and where you live, and be a little less eager to indulge in government paperwork.

    it’s hard though, innit, the paperwork and prolefeed is designed to maintain apathy and mental exhaustion amongst the populace.

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