Privatise the roads

Works for me.


Provided the Highways Agency goes with it, or is squashed.

Tolls? I shit ‘em.

New roads that paupers can’t afford to drive on? Lush.




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4 Responses to Privatise the roads

  1. Leg-iron says:

    I don’t think it’ll happen. Someone is going to point out that if the government doesn’t own the roads, they can no longer charge for a road fund licence. I know, it doesn’t pay for roads anyway but that’s their excuse for charging it.

  2. JohnRS says:

    This is just road pricing under another name. Doesnt matter how you position it, if people think they’ve got to pay to travel – it’s road pricing.

    Remember 1,600,000 people answered the online petition against this last time around. I doubt it would be any fewer today.

    • Al Jahom says:

      They’ve committed to no charging on existing roads – only new roads.

      Of course, if existing roads become ‘new roads’ having been upgraded (e.g. duelled A1) I suppose tolls can come in that way.

      As for the road pricing petition, do people not suppose that £1.20 a litre for fuel is ‘pay as you drive’ taxation?

  3. Paul says:

    Privatising UK roads will price motoring fairly. Cars kill, they pollute, they ruin lives. Cars are mainly manufactured abroad, costing us jobs and valuable foreign exchange. A truly integrated national public transport system (meaning that it serves every village, town and city) would be good for business mobility and create millions of jobs. The road privatisation could raise 100 billion pounds annually and mean lower taxes and no benefit cuts. All in all, privatising roads could make excellent sense and improve mobility for everyone with better public transport. Please also consider there would be less road accidents, which would save lives and mean more money for other NHS services. Support road privatisation and better public transport !

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