Anonymity for rapists without balaclavas

Rape is bad, m’kay?

But, given that false accusations do happen, men who are accused of rape should not be ‘named and shamed’ until a conviction is secured. If that means no naming until after all avenues of appeal are exhausted, so be it.

Unexpectedly, the new Clamolition has played a blinder in proposing to sort this iniquity out.

Expectedly, wittering clits are up in arms. Meh. Put the damned kettle on already, bitch.

Minette Marrin is marvellous. The missing link between fine women and rational thought. I’ve been a fan of her columns for years now, and she seldom disappoints.


It does, too.

A false allegation of rape can ruin a man’s life. Even if he is tried and found not guilty, he will still remain suspect in many people’s eyes and perhaps at home, too.

Thank Dave that Agent Harriet is now vanquished. We can move into more rational times.

Read the full treatment from Ms Marrin.


UPDATE: Uncommon sense, also, from Mad Mel.


4 thoughts on “Anonymity for rapists without balaclavas

  1. Given that most rapists apparently know their victims then isn’t it the case that to a certain extent naming either party names the other or at least allows speculation to that end?

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