Mature debate

Love this:

Councillor McKay compared the latest controversy with the SNP’s criticism of the £1 million spent by the then Labour administration on converting the former James Hamilton Academy in London Road into the council HQ.

She said: “Some of those outraged supporters are the self-same people who have now spent an equivalent sum on the council debating chamber alone. They plan to watch themselves perform on You Tube. In the West of Scotland this is a phrase that has another meaning and it certainly applies to this coalition.

That’s right. Labour councillor called the SNP & Tory councillors dicks.

The more I see and hear, the more I’m convinced Labour is the party of the emotionally stunted and terminally immature.

S’not fair!


H/T Rab


2 thoughts on “Mature debate

  1. Well at least NuLieBore are sticking to their traditions.

    Not like those eeeevil Tories who’ve had the audacity to move towards the centre ground and pick up 100 seats.

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