Has Ellie Caught Gordon’s Deathly Touch?

Gordon Brown’s Jonah syndrome is well documented. It’s as if anything and anyone he endorses is doomed.

It’s not yet clear by what means his curse is transmissible, but proximity seems key:

What makes me think this? First, Ellie launched Gordon Brown’s General Election campaign. I think we all know how that turned out.



Well, last week, Ed Balls seemed a shoe in to at least get enough nominations to run for Labour leader, and enough Unite muscle to win.

Enter Ellie.


Exit Ed.


Ed Balls is struggling to gain enough support to challenge for the Labour leadership, it was claimed last night.

A well-placed Labour source said Mr Balls was having difficulty in winning the backing of the 33 MPs needed to secure his nomination.

The former schools secretary, who launched his campaign this week, has only 20 declared supporters among Labour’s 258 MPs.

This disappoints me. I wonder how Diane Abbott is doing.



4 thoughts on “Has Ellie Caught Gordon’s Deathly Touch?

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  2. Oh, no. Tell me this isnt true!

    If Balls can’t get 33 House of Conmen brainless morons to support him in his bid to make NuLieBore totally unelectable that would completely ruin my “nightmare ticket”…Balls for leader and Abbott for deputy!!

    Come on sheep – vote for Balls. You know it makes sense.

  3. Why does everybody assume that Labour led by Balls or Abbott would lose? FFS with Gordon as leader – the worst PM ever Mr Counter-charisma – Labour wasn’t exactly humiliated although, yes, it lost the elction. OTOH a few more seats and the Chuckle Brothers would have been Gordon and Nick.

    The prospect of Balls or Abbott leading anything is risible but it’s also a fact that 29% of those that voted a couple of weeks ago voted Labour.

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