Let the mongnitive dissonance flow

We’ve already had the bin thing today.

Now this. 13th May:


Within 24 hours of taking on the portfolio he confirmed the new administration would bring in a "fuel price stabiliser" which would see the taxes reduced if the price of oil rises sharply.

However fuel duties would rise if the cost of petrol and diesel fell.

Mr Hammond, who drives a Jaguar, sought to underline the new Government’s motorist-friendly credentials confirming a manifesto pledge that there would be no Whitehall cash for new fixed speed cameras.

All good – fuel duty stabiliser and death to speed cameras, right? Wrong.


Conservative plans to cut fuel duty when oil prices are high have been abandoned, leading to fears that motorists will be targeted.




TFI Drinkipoos time.



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4 Responses to Let the mongnitive dissonance flow

  1. Seán Ward says:

    I think that the speed camera van is just another way of squeezing the motorist’s wallet and making them hate the idea of going out for a drive ust in case there is a camoflauged policeman hiding in the bushes.


  2. Bill Sticker says:

    That’s a Talivan with a vengeance. Fortunately for me the RCMP don’t have such a beast this side of the Rockies.

  3. I think I need to lie down in a dark room………ffs

  4. DerekP says:

    Clearly the new bunch lie like the old bunch:
    In “no Whitehall cash for new fixed speed cameras” the keywords are NEW and FIXED; so they’ll keep any OLD cameras they want to, and they’ll introduce any NON-FIXED mobile cameras they want to, and make up the reasons as they go along, just like before.

    I thought one of the ‘arguments’ for speed cameras were that they were about safety, you know – that simplistic soundbite that ‘speed kills’; so the increase of NON-FIXED cameras means that accident blackspots just happen to move around the country to where the cameras can raise the most revenue.

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