Déjà vu, again.

Back in September, I noted this case:


Today, I see something very similar:





Two other men, Reon Hall and Aaron Gelly, both 20 and from Surrey, were sentenced to nine years each in June for their role in the sustained three-hour attack.

From Surrey? Let’s be crystal clear about this: Croydon and Thornton Heath are in Surrey. I doubt they are from Godalming.




2 thoughts on “Déjà vu, again.

  1. “At the age of 17 Gordon was jailed for four years by a judge at Wolverhampton Crown Court in January 1996 for a series of robberies and attempted robberies which were carried out over a 10-day period with a group of other men.

    In July 2000 Gordon was jailed by a judge at the Old Bailey for further eight years for a multiple stabbing of a so-called friend he accused of implicating him in a robbery of which he was acquitted.

    While on licence from prison in June 2006, Gordon was jailed for a further 18 months for drugs offences.”

    Someone was proving themselves to be incapable of learning, then…

  2. On reflection, that ‘someone’ may well have been all those in the judicial & prison system who kept letting this vicious animal out on the street

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