Bin there, turned around, came back again

I previously prodded in the general direction of a story about the counterproductive nature of the currently fashionable bin-fascism.

Tory communities spokesman Caroline Spelman said: ‘Weekly rubbish collections were introduced because of the harm to the environment from fly-tipping and backyard burning. Yet the lessons of the past have been forgotten.

‘Labour’s bin bully policies have slashed back proper bin collections. Now Labour ministers have conspired to cover up the serious threat to public health their policies have caused.’

Via Big Brother Watch today, another of Ms Spelman’s previous quotes was highlighted:


In the Daily Mail, then Shadow Minister for Local Government, Caroline Spelman, slammed the government saying:

"Labour Ministers are secretly planning to roll out bin taxes across the country after the election if Gordon Brown can cling to power. The Government have already forced through bin tax laws and have been funding the bin technology to collect the taxes."

And speaking to the BBC, she said:

"bin taxes would harm the environment by encouraging fly-tipping and backyard burning"

Fairly unequivocal then…

However yesterday – 20th May 2010 – just 78 days later; Caroline Spelman, now Environment Minister, said:

"It will be up to the local authority to adopt a policy on recycling that works locally."

This leaves the door wide-open for councils to bring in "pay-as-you-throw" schemes. Some of you might think that’s fair enough. But we believe councils should not even be given the opportunity to test the water.

Quite so. We already know what the ‘unintended’ consequences will be.

My recycling, yesterday.



2 thoughts on “Bin there, turned around, came back again

  1. Said it before say it again. Charge me by weight for my domestic refuse and I guarantee that all I will throw out will be ashes.
    Which weigh very little. Domestic Garden inceinerator – cost just £25

    Just try and have your pencil necked geeks come and inspect/fine me for domestic burning and they will end up in the incinerator too.

    You won’t have enough geeks with clipboards to catch / fine the whole freakin country. Tories Uturn time again.

    David Cameron is a Tino I’m afraid. Tory in Name Only.

    Dick Cleggeron – runs the show these days.

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