An uncomfortable alliance

As you may recall, I’m backing Balls.

I suppose, therefore, it was inevitable I’d end up on the same side as some pretty unsavoury characters.

And who more so than this one?


This is classic Comical Ellie. A toxic mix of denial, delusion, diarrhoea and denseness. A hilarious paragon of the genre, no less.

I’ll hand over to @Toadmeister to point out the fundamentally flawed premise in the champagne socialist’s exposition.

Allow me to correct this misapprehension [that the ‘right wing media’ fear Balls’ ‘hunger, drive and fire in the belly’ to lead Labour back into Downing Street]. The truth is that most rightwing commentators would dearly love to see Ed Balls as the next Labour leader. Not only does he come across badly on television – a Stalinist thug trying, unsuccessfully, to seem human – but he’s fatally tainted by his close association with Gordon Brown. He would be a terrible electoral liability, worse even than the insufferably smug Diane Abbott. Next to him, Michael Foot seems positively Churchillian.

Indeed. So let’s all get behind Ellie and support Ed Balls for leadership of the Labour party.

Go Ed!



4 thoughts on “An uncomfortable alliance

  1. I attempted to write a comment on her blog explaining why exactly backing Ed Balls would be such a bad idea – at least from Ellie’s perspective. Unsurprisingly, it didn’t make it past comment moderation. That’s classic Leftism for you – if you don’t like the opinion, just delete it and pretend it never existed.

    I am personally backing Ed Balls for the leadership of the Labour Party as well. I think he will destroy the Labour Party which, in turn, will be good for Britain.

    As for you being allied with Ellie Gellard, she’s almost certainly considerably easier on the eye than Al Jahom is, but other than that, you can sleep easy at night.

    • Difference:

      I look like Shrek’s punchy malnourished brother, and it doesn’t matter.

      If Ellie looked like SuBo, we’d never have heard of her.

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