This is list is going to be a long one

Oh this will be fun. At least as a hypothetical exercise, 90% of which will be conveniently ignored by the Cleggeroids.


Okay, Nicky Boy. Here we go.

Starter for ten:

  • Ditch all powers of entry introduced since 1997.
  • Ditch the smoking ban (introduce landlords’ choice at least).
  • Ditch the Equality Bill.
  • Ditch the Digital Economy Bill.
  • Ditch e-Borders.
  • Ditch NHS Connecting for Health.
  • Stop DVLA selling private details.
  • Ditch PCSOs and stop handing legal powers to non-police bodies.
  • Bring ACPO into public ownership. Or disband.
  • Stop ACPO’s selling of details of drivers and vehicles.

I’ll continue later…



About Al Jahom
Anti-social malcontent, misanthrope and miserable git.

3 Responses to This is list is going to be a long one

  1. Richard Blogger says:

    Why “since 1997” why not ***all*** laws of powers of entry?

  2. nbc says:

    The Lisbon Treaty.

    If nothing else, obliterate the snot-gobbler’s name with tippex.

  3. JuliaM says:

    A great start… ;)

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