I’m backing Balls

Good news people.

If you want to help ensure that Labour are mangled beyond all recognition, do this:


You may be asking, “WHY THE HELL WOULD I DO THAT?”

Quite rightly, too.

The reason to do it is that you’ll get a vote in the forthcoming Labour leadership election. For the princely sum of a quid. One pound.

Who to vote for? Well, I for one, am backing Ed Balls.

Once Balls is duly installed, tear up your membership card and walk away. Job done.


Via Old HolbornObo’s also on the case.


4 thoughts on “I’m backing Balls

  1. Hang on, hang on,

    what about hatie harmperson?

    balls is clearly a talentless, worthless cunt, but he isn’t the only such candidate.

    On IQ, for example, these two are neck and neck.

    Clearly, I love the zanu party as much as the next person (and AJ and schlumpf23), but we must take time to deliver a balanced judgement of who the ideal next primate of the party should be.

  2. One pound? The site wanted nearly £40 and that ain’t gonna happen.

    What category were you trying?

    Incidentally there’s so many window lickers in that party to choose from!

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