Burn the witch

It looks like the mess left behind (are we surprised?) by Gordon Brown and his crew could stick to them in fine style.


Following the link:


the emerging story of Labour’s ‘scorched earth spending spree’ has to be the smoking gun that convicts Gordon Brown’s ‘evil regime’! According to John Pinar BBC 5live Chief Political Correspondent, evidence is emerging that ‘Top civil service chiefs lodged formal protests at decisions by Labour ministers to spend millions in dying months of Lab gov’.

On Monday David Cameron instructed all of his ministers to go back to their departments and list all of Labour’s spending commitments signed in the immediate run-up to the General Election. This task will be performed with relish by those who endured years of torment from Labour’s front-bench in the House of Commons. With the almost certain guarantee of possible criminal charges for the most serious abuse of government powers, many in the Conservative party baying for a McCarthy-style red-witch-hunt will get their wish.

That sounds like fun!

More anon, I’m sure.





3 thoughts on “Burn the witch

  1. Fantastic! It would be the first half decent thing I have seen British Politicians do for a very long time. Finally we will see the Teflon attitude of these arseholes start to be stripped away and not before time!

  2. Who will dare to open the Pandora’s Box that is PFI though.

    If the tories had the balls to admit what PFI is going to cost us over the next 30 years I might be more sympathetic towards them.

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