3 thoughts on “Janet Street Porter is a festering old scarecrow who should drop dead

  1. I worked with a chap whose brother was once one of her neighbours. By what he said your spot on. Seems there was an unpleasant incident surrounding getting a car to start one Saturday morning and they were berated by Mizz JSP.

    In fact it’s rare to find a sleb who is as nice off screen as on.

    Bernard Bresslaw – chance meeting years ago ..was very rude and I didn’t even attempt to speak to him- he just assumed that I would.

    Jimmy Greaves – at an Essex golf place many years ago. I just smiled nodded and let the poor man alone. Later he came over and thanked our group for giving him some space and was really nice. Truly nice bloke. I guess class is not common.

  2. It’s always been a source of mystery to me why anyone would employ her. She holds entirely predictable Left-wing views, seems deeply unpleasant, and has no discernible talents.

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