Indian electric bus experiment gets off to a faltering start

I KNOW one shouldn’t laugh, but this just deserves a WTF? and a ROFL.


An overhead wire fell on the bus when it collided with an electricity pole, and the high-voltage current electrocuted the passengers.

The accident happened in the Mandla district of the central Madhya Pradesh state, almost 300 miles west of Bhopal.

Police chief K K Sharma said: "There was a metal almirah (cabinet) on top of the bus which came in contact with a high-voltage power cable, resulting in the electrocution of 28 of the wedding guests."

Well, a tragic but thankfully unique accide.. oh.. wait.

It was the second such accident in India in as many days.

At least 15 people were killed in eastern Bihar state on Thursday when they truck they were riding in touched a high-voltage wire.

Since I’m going to hell anyway…




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3 Responses to Indian electric bus experiment gets off to a faltering start

  1. Ethan says:

    No to worry. India are mostly Hindu? They believe in Reincarnation (wheel of life etc). so if they’ve led a worthwhile decent life they will come back as something better. I suspectt thats quite a comfort.

    As a staunch ‘practising’ athiest (cept I don’t attend the services regularly ;) ) I’d be screwed.

  2. Chuckles says:

    VERY wierd that. How is the circuit completed?

  3. Joe Public says:

    I’m not going to Croydon then.

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