More important law stuff tomorrow #libelreform

This Jack of Kent bloke never rests.

Long before any of this twitter-twattery about Paul Chambers kicked off, Jack was assisting Dave Osler – a blogger slapped with a libel suit for something he posted and for what some of his commenters posted too.

He stands to be ruined by a vindictive and Streisandesque act of litigation, which takes advantage of the horrifying state of English libel law – a wider matter that Jack of Kent has a professional passion for.

See more details here:

For the last two years Dave Osler has been living under the threat of a libel suit for a blogpost, which I now re-publish in full below.

This threat will continue, depending on what the High Court says tomorrow.
If he loses at trial, he will be bankrupt.

This is serious.

So what is it about?

Do read on.

Tomorrow morning at 10am, another momentous legal decision will be taken that has ramifications for pretty much anyone who writes anything anywhere on the intermong.



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5 Responses to More important law stuff tomorrow #libelreform

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  2. Rightwinggit says:

    “..another momentous will be taken ..”

    Another momentous what?

    • Al Jahom says:

      Congrats. You’re hereby appointed as my proof reader.

      Hereafter, existence of any typos, misspellings or grammatical errors will be your responsibility.

      Cheers :o)

  3. Old Holborn says:

    Ha, the s*******t u******g is defeated. Let the champagne flow

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