Civil liberties start here, Dave

I hereby call up on David Cameron, Prime Minister, to repudiate the actions of the Metropolitan Police, with a flourish and a nod to Voltaire:


Oh dear, oh dear.

"They burst into my house, pushed me back and handcuffed me. They said I had committed an offence under section 5 of the Public Order Act, I was being detained, and I might be arrested."

Ready for some irony, now?

Coincidentally, Hoffman has become one of Britain’s most respected photojournalists after three decades chronicling alleged police brutality. He said that after the officers looked up his identity, they "calmed down".

Tee hee.

After he expressed concern at his treatment, Hoffman says, a local inspector told him over the phone that "any reasonable person" would find his poster "alarming, harassing or distressful".

I’m not sure I want to meet any of these ‘reasonable’ people.

So, anyway, plod were just walking past and took offence eh? No…

The visit from police followed a complaint from a neighbour, who told Hoffman she found the poster offensive.

A neighbour, through whose letter box I would never ever advocate pushing a parcel of flaming dog turd. No sir, not I.

Here’s the oh, so offensive poster.


Cam wasn’t singled out, though. Here’s Natty Nick and Nazi Nick.


Here’s the err… indeed.


See the video here.

Lots of media links for this on the Graun’s page.



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