Another day, another travesty of justice

I’m beginning to wonder if M C Escher is Minister of Justice and Salvador Dali is Home Secretary.



Via Big Brother Watch:


A voluntary hospital worker who rescued 60 goldfish from their ornamental pond when it was being drained is facing prosecution and a £1,000 fine – because he didn’t have a licence to move them.

Clive Roberts, 58, saved the fish in an act of mercy by scooping them into a bucket and preparing to move them to his own garden pond.

But officials at the Environment Agency were tipped off and told him he needed to go through red tape to get a formal licence to move the goldfish.

Mr Roberts, who has maintained the pond at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff for 12 years, was shocked that he could be taken to court as he donated the goldfish in the first place.

They’ll probably want to do him for that as well.

He said: ‘It is ridiculous. The pond was being drained for maintenance work – they would have died if I hadn’t got them out.

‘The plan was to return them in six weeks when the work is finished.

‘But I’ve been told I could be prosecuted – it seems a bit unfair when all I was trying to do was help.

‘I look after the fish at the hospital and now I’m looking after them at my own home.’

The Environment Agency say it is illegal to remove fish from their habitat without permission.

Officials say the law is designed to prevent the spread of lethal fish diseases.

Mr Roberts, a window cleaner, has been told he should have applied for a licence to move the fish – which takes around 30 days to complete.

‘This was an emergency,’ he said. ‘The fish were already distressed by the falling water levels when I took them out. They didn’t have 30 days.

‘I maintain the pond at the hospital – it is a simple plastic-lined ornamental pond. Do gardeners break the law whey they remove fish from their back garden pond to clean it out?’

The fish are now in his garden pond in Adamsdown, Cardiff.  

But Mr Roberts has been warned that he will be interviewed under caution by Environment Agency officials and could be prosecuted.

He faces a £1,000 fine for breaching the Welfare of Animals (Transport) Order 2006.

He has been advised to get legal representation but could face a £600 legal bill for hiring his own solicitors.


I wanna get off this world, now. The ride is making me sick.



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4 Responses to Another day, another travesty of justice

  1. Good fucking grief. I share your sentiments , Al.

  2. JuliaM says:

    Oh, yes, this one’s even worse. Interview under caution? W..T..F..?!?

  3. slumlord says:

    The U.K. appears to be a country of snitches. Who tipped off the Enviromental protection agency? Who the fuck would care enough to report him, except some sanctimonious busybody.

    • Al Jahom says:

      It’s a culture the recently departed government worked hard to instill.

      Hopes of it dissipating again are slim-to-none.

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