Paul Chambers GUILTY! WTF!??

He was prosecuted under section 127 of the Communications Act 2003 for sending an “indecent, obscene or menacing” message.

The more I dwell upon this, the more I feel sick to my stomach. This country is ruined and there truly is tyranny.

My commiserations to Paul Chambers, and here’s hoping the sentence will be lenient, and not even a sniff of custodial.

More anon.


(Background here)

UPDATE: £1000 fine.


UPDATE: With pledges of help with Paul’s fine mounting up on Twitter, Old Holborn is on the case of (i) finding out if Paul wants this help and (ii) getting it done.


3 thoughts on “Paul Chambers GUILTY! WTF!??

  1. As I’ve said on Jack of Kent’s blog (comment awaiting moderation as I write this)- I am shocked that this has gone to and through trial and lead to a guilty plea. Speaking as a member of the general public, I can take his words as they were meant, an expression of outrage and annoyance, but without any intent to actually follow up on said expression.

    The police investigation, if it was being serious at all, should have shown he had no explosives and no intent to purchase or obtain explosives and carry out his ‘threat’. That should’ve been the end of it (though for it to get that far scares the what-sits out of me). That Mr Chambers has been charged AND found guilty is really making my head spin.

    I worry for this country.

    • Indeed – and worry we should.

      We edge daily closer to the point where the state can pluck anyone of us off the street, or from our homes, under whatsoever pretext they see fit.


  2. Was this trail by jury or by judge. If the former I would be very surprised that they would find him guilty. If the judge was decideding then common sense doesn’t come into it – as is more and more usual by those in authority.

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