Paul Chambers Coverage Elsewhere

Doubtless not a comprehensive list, but:

This last link contains a lead on finding out more about the judge involved today.

District Judge Jonathan Bennett (he of Edlington infamy)

To be updated as and when.


UPDATE: 11 May 19:00


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2 Responses to Paul Chambers Coverage Elsewhere

  1. SadButMadLad says:

    There are two individuals who should be mentioned in bringing the case to court. One is a Shaun Duffield who found the twitter when searching for “Robin Hood Airport” days after it was posted and using a lack of common sense thought it worthy of pointing out to the airport security. Also invoved was the airport security head Steven Armson who says that he was duty bound to pass it on to the police, though this also mens that he had a lack of common sense and followed rules and guidelines without thought.

  2. JuliaM says:

    Edlington, eh…? Interesting!

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