Q: Is support for the BNP growing? A: No, not really.

The FT Westminster blog wields the spectre of BNP MPs, should PR be adopted. As I wrote previously, so be it.


As it goes, not I hadn’t.

Twittist @ACloakedFigure posed the question:


It’s not entirely clear why said Twittist thought I’d know the answer, but I do have Google.



Total Votes














Hardly a groundswell, is it?


Sources: 2010, 2005, 2001


5 thoughts on “Q: Is support for the BNP growing? A: No, not really.

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  2. *Average* votes hasn’t declined despite a rabid flood of negative hysteria from the loony left/media.
    Could you compare individual districts where they’ve nominated before? That would tell a more accurate tale.
    People vote differently when they know the outcome will be different. More people voted for them in the European election because they knew their vote would count.

  3. If we assume, for the purposes of argument, that the BNP electoral strategists are sane, then the rise *is* significant, but not large enough to be frightening. The vote for individual BNP candidates ranged from less than 1,000 to over 5,000 in 2005. Presumably these were thought to be the best prospects. So if you treble the number of candidates you would expect the total number of votes to increase by less than 200,000 instead of more than 350,000.
    It is very probable that the BNP vote has risen by about half as much as the crude numbers imply. Also that if the BNP stood in every constituency they would get a larger number of votes but less than 1m in total [and would lose lots and lots of deposits].
    A quick skim through the first dozen or so seats I found where BNP had stood in 2005 and the half dozen that I could remember of first attempts reveals only one where the BNP vote declined in 2010 (Dewsbury) and only one new constituency where the BNP got more than 1,000 votes (1,153) – most were around 600. This is not a thorough analysis but tends to support my view.

  4. Only one seat familiar with (previous election) the BNP declined?
    So many voters in many seats have never heard of them before.
    The ones that had heard of them mostly improved. Hardly disasterous.
    They did bite off more than they could chew though, I think.
    Either nominate in only a few seats and hammer them stupid, or put all your money into a nationwide PR blitz say 2 days before the vote.
    Focus, Nick, focus.

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