A complete and utter departure from the day’s depressing decision deficit.

I can’t remember ever being assigned homework until I went to secondary school. I’d like to see you argue the the outcomes of my education were inferior to those leaving primary or secondary school today.

So, I’ve listened with horror as friends with kids have described the onerous burden of homework placed upon 5, 6 and 7 year olds at some schools. Inevitably, these activities require parental support and consume vast quantities of time, as well as creating mess, tension and tears.

I’d just roll my eyes, blame Labour and think ‘another reason to be glad I don’t have kids’. Under Labour, children have become the state’s conduit to unprecedented intrusion in home and family life.

So it’s nice to read some common sense on this:


All essays and worksheets should be completed at school amid claims they put too much pressure on families’ limited time.

Eleanor Updale, author of the award-winning Montmorency series of books, said a typical 30-minute classroom task often took three times as long after being “subcontracted” to parents.

Amazingly, one of the teachers’ unions concurs:

Last year, the Association for Teachers and Lecturers called for all homework for primary school children to be axed amid claims young pupils find the burden too “upsetting”.

Although, the ATL may have their own agenda:

Dr Updale, whose Montmorency series of historical novels is currently being adapted for TV and won a Blue Peter award, said that schools themselves were often "victims of homework”.

“It needs setting, marking, policing and feedback, which eat time from the school day,” she said. “Cutting homework would reduce the burden teachers have to take home with them, diminishing the negative effect of their jobs on their own families.”

All in all, the more we (society, the state) move away from ideology and towards pragmatism, the better things will be.

Would that the current turmoil precipitate such an epiphany.

Hope is not dead after all.



5 thoughts on “Homework

  1. I concur that primary kids get far too much homework. Likewise, I cannot recall getting any homework until I went to secondary education.

    My eight year old brother in law, who lives with my wife and I, gets a shocking amount of homework. Some of it quite sinister. Like the time he had a ‘project’ that included listing everyone in the household and the relationships between people in the house and what they ate and drank etc etc.

    Some of the stuff I forbid him from doing and he gets upset as he doesn’t want to get into trouble. But I have had dealings with the school before, they know not to fuck with me.

  2. I’ve always been opposed to homework as it clearly favours those children whose homes offer a conducive environment for it.

  3. I’ve just gone through my son’s homework as I always do. Same as usual, he’s got over half the questions wrong and I have to teach him why.

    Homework is OK as long as the teachers have FUCKING TAUGHT THEM PROPERLY AT SCHOOL!

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