Voting intentions

Bella Gerens thinks declaring one’s voting intention is ‘lame’. But she doesn’t get a vote, so boo yah, septic Doris.

I live in a very safe Tory seat. In 2005, the voting went something like this:

Party Polled
Conservative 55%
Lib Dem 25%
Labour 15%

To be blunt, my vote for or against the Tories won’t make a blind bit of difference.

Which relieves me of a problem. We have to get Brown out, but I have several serious problems with voting for Cameron & his coterie of hooray crypto-socialists.

So in the general election, I’ll be voting UKIP, with the aim of beating Labour into 4th place in this seat. UKIP are wrong on the burka ban, but they’re right on Europe and they’re right on the smoking ban.

That said, if there was an LPUK candidate, I’d vote for them, however ‘pointless’.

I’ll vote Conservative in the local elections, though, as we have an excellent Tory council who deserve backing.

Off now to gratuitously burn vast quantities of fuel and terrify numpties.



5 thoughts on “Voting intentions

  1. I think we may be neighbours. Your decision is one of supreme rationality, which is why I’m concerned; I’d like to think there are a lot of rational people round here and if we all decamp to UKIP/Green/MRLP who knows what will happen?

    The Artful Dodger has made a similar decision about the lack of impact and will be voting in his ultra-marginal university constituency instead. Perhaps we should have enrolled as mature students.

  2. Cripes UKIP? Me too.

    Bit I am a tad concerned that with boundary changes my previously safe seat Tory MP may struggle and I may let in the evil bar stewards of Unite…er Liebour.
    It’s a quandery…that Call me dave could have solved for me months ago. UKIP offered to disband if CMD guaranteed a EU referendum within 90 days of taking office. CMD made the WRONG decision and turned us down. Which is another nail in CMD’s coffic as far as I am concerned.

    Incidentally UKIP are the only political party I have EVER donated my own hard earned cash to.

    Tory council natch as I don’t want my cash stolen by a Lib/Labour bunch of thieving gits.

  3. Definitely voting UKIP in Buckingham.

    I’ve been pounding the streets for them as I am anti house flipping, policy flipping Bercow. Doing this I’ve got to know and like their policies and straight talking.

  4. I have exactly the same voting intentions…with the added amusement that Labour hold my seat by around a thou, with Tories vying for victory. Death to the useless Tories, I say!

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