Now you really are taking the pizz

This is from USAnia, but whoever wins power tomorrow, there’s a certain weary inevitability about this turning up here in the UK.


WASHINGTON – There’s a new pizza war but it’s not between your favorite national chain and the local "jumbo slice." Instead, the battle is about the health care ward and the billions of dollars spent to battle obesity. Some politicians are behind a plan to add a hefty tax on pizza.


H/T @IanPJ


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3 Responses to Now you really are taking the pizz

  1. JohnRS says:

    Typical gummint response to anything they deem unacceptable. Sod the public, just slap on the tax.

    Surely they should let the health care system handle this? Or is that a bit too “American” for Obarmy? If folk received sizeable financial benefits for being a certain weight and/or penalties for being a blob then they could make their own informed decision on the value of being x pounds overweight. If they thought the enjoyment they got from the pizza was worth the extra dollars/year then that’s up to them. The health freaks can eat whatever they find attractive and spend less on health care.

    No compulsion, no civil servants, no snoopers, no nannies…… chance of ever happening!!

  2. Ethan says:

    Typical Brown reaction you mean. Is there any problenm this mong of mongs doesn’t think can be solved by some kind of tax…anything?

    I imagine him in number ten seated in some kind of black leather gull wing swivel chair…idly stroking a white cat. In his best Sean Connery impersonation…maybe shome short of taxshhh…

    Must get out more…NURSE!

  3. Curmudgeon says:

    And then something else is invented that is very like pizza but just falls outside the definition…

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