Burka Ban flaw uncovered in very first case

This unintended consequence was – ahem – staring us in the face.


Mrs Marmouri was in a post office when police officers stopped her and issued her with the fine.

"As far as I know this is a first in Italy," said police officer Mauro Franzinelli.

Her husband, Ben Salah Braim, 36, said the family would struggle to pay the penalty.

Here comes the important bit:

He said his wife would continue to wear the full-length item of clothing because he did not want her to be seen by other men, but in future she would be forced to stay at home most of the time.

There we are. Amongst the reasons for Muslim women wearing this garb is because their caveman husbands won’t let them out of the house without it.

UKIP want the same policy here.

Can we just quit banning things, just for a while so we can take stock of what we can still do?



3 thoughts on “Burka Ban flaw uncovered in very first case

  1. I can’t help thinking, though, that for a certain type of so-called feminist, this’ll ve perfectly fine.

    You see, out of sight = out of mind, and it’s going to be hard to castigate them for ignoring the plight of their Muslim sisters to concentrate on stupid things like pink clothing for girls if, well, there are none to be seen…

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