I think we know where this is going

… since certain Islamists think gays should be thrown from a cliff.

A Christian was told in no uncertain terms, in a UK court, that his beliefs do not entitle him to refuse to give sex therapy to gay couples.


Now, to be clear, I agree with the judge here. I’m not a fundamentalist atheist, because I don’t care that much one way or the other. I do find the accommodations made for the religious to be galling in the extreme.

So the question is, what will happen when Muslim comes before the court for his conscientious objection to counselling gays?

I think we know the answer.

That the Christian in question is black shouldn’t matter at all. But in this context, it matters because it’s an extra factor in the new game of Equality Twister.

As I sketched it a couple of months back:

The paradox of Hattie’s little scheme is that the result will be the diametric opposite of equality and the total opposite of tolerance and forbearance. As minority after minority take their grievances of perceived prejudice, disadvantage, offence or discrimination through the courts, a hierarchy of protected minorities will emerge. The result will be an acceleration of the balkanisation of society that is already well established under this Labour government. The very divide-and-rule approach to control that has deprived the British people of their ability to just rub along together, brushing off perceived sleights.

  • Gay rights will trump Christian rights.
  • Muslim rights will trump gay rights and women’s rights.
  • Women’s rights will trump men’s rights (except Muslim men).
  • Pedestrians rights will trump those of cyclists.
  • Cyclists’ rights will trump those of motorists.
  • Mothers with baby buggies will trump the rights of pedestrians, especially if they’re breast-feeding at the time.
  • Children’s rights will trump those of parents, except mothers, who are a protected group.

This way lies madness. Can anyone not see that?

And Harman’s Equality Bill hasn’t even passed into law yet (as far as I know).


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