Subliminal Advertising

Genius. Ferrari put a barcode on their F1 cars. The medical profession come along to tell you that the barcode means ‘smoke Marlboro’:



Monstrous pecksniff alert:

Gerard Hastings, director of the Centre for Tobacco Control Research, said: “I think this is advertising. Why a bar code? What is their explanation?”

You know, I might try them now. It’s like the urge was implanted by the Ferrari and activated by the Centre for Tobacco Control Research*. Like a two-pack resin of lung butter.


*This lot are funded by Cancer Research UK and based at Stirling University.


3 thoughts on “Subliminal Advertising

  1. God forbid the nanny state and associated quango’s / Doctors trade unions treating people like responsible adults. Fully capable of making up their own minds. Where would it all end up….won’t anyone think of the children…if it saves just one life (not if you save another Jack the Ripper matey!) ..better safe than sorry.

    This lot makes me puke.

    I’d also just like to add the Royal College of Nursing – Zero drink drive limit fascists added to my list of people up against the wall when I have my bloody revolution. Next Thursday alright for everyone?

    Power to the People….Citizen Ethan!

  2. If you squint at it through half closed eyes, I guess it Looks like a pack of Marlboro – but so what? I’m not going to rush out and buy a pack. If that was the intention and I half suspect that the doctors are right on that point, then again, so what (and jolly good for them for slipping in under the radar. Again, it won’t make me go out and buy a pack.

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