It appears Kerry McCarthy has broken the law with one of her tweets, which was in turn re-tweeted by quite a few people, including the Labour Party’s official Twitter account.

Basically, it seems they opened a bunch of postal votes and counted them – enough to post how many of several hundred had voted for each of the parties. Kerry then tweeted that information. Sniffing blood, screenshots were grabbed.

Kerry deleted her tweet and admitted her mistake, but the genie was out of the envelope.

Oh and I’d have to presume that they collected these postal votes from constituents unsealed. Wouldn’t you seal your postal vote before giving it to anyone, and be very suspicious of any instruction or suggestion that the envelope should be entrusted to a CANDIDATE before being sealed and submitted?

This item itself is a bit of a smirk at Kerry McCarthy, but could it be the blue touch-paper on the next postal voting scandal?


UPDATE: Guido is onto it.


Oh and it wouldn’t be election time if there was no consternation about postal voting:



Oh and from the Commons Library:


21 pages of examples of postal voting fraud up to January this year.

UPDATE: Just now, Toby Young’s retweet has just popped up here.


UPDATE: On it rumbles


[Update: This is being taken seriously. ToryBear has just posted: "Right now Bristol council are receiving complaints about that pesky 1983 Act, Section 66 (1) and 66 (2)" And the Electoral Commission has been alerted.]





The irony isn’t lost, either:




4 thoughts on “Oops

  1. Oh, FFS..!

    Every day, in every way, we become more and more like some corrupt little foreign helhole without even the benefit of the nice weather and interesting wildlife…

  2. Tsk tsk…when will you little people get it.

    Laws only apply to you lot NOT Labour party officials and MP’s.

    Thats why Harman can crash and flee with impunity. Thats why Bliar can take kick backs from Shell. Thats why Kinnock can thump people and get no come back. Thats why Prescott can thump people with impunity. Thats why Jackboots Smiff can steal One hundred and sixteen thousand pounds of our money and get off Scot free.

    Don’t you lot get it yet?

    How dense do you have to be NOT to see that some animals are more equal than others.


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