Hung Parliament Horror Stories

Whether it’s parliamentary reform that could usher in a permanent left-wing coalition, lack of market confidence hitting our currency and sovereign debt, or the fact that we’ll have to have the whole fackin’ election campaign again in October, scenarios abound.

None, though, has alarmed me as much as this:






2 thoughts on “Hung Parliament Horror Stories

  1. Call me Dave is a cyclist…

    I have no problem with cyclists who obey the highway code… it’s just that I’ve never ever met any.

    Why can’t it be motorists who hold the balance of power eh?

  2. I’m a cyclist and can I just say that these kinds of pressure groups claiming to represent me certainly do not. Easy to pick apart most of their “demands” but I’ll settle for shooting down two of them:

    “5. SAFER STREETS – Lessen danger, particularly to children, by setting a 20mph speed limit where people live, work and shop.” No, no. no! I’d prefer motorists to be watching the road rather than their speedometers, crawling along at 19 mph desparately trying to avoid a ticket. This is often slower than I’d be going myself anyway.

    “6. CYCLING TARGETS – Back an investment plan that will enable the boroughs to surpass the Mayor’s target of a 400 per cent increase in cycling by 2026.” Again, no. All targets are bad and distort behaviour. I should be free to cycle if I want but equally people who prefer other means of getting around should free to do that too without being bullied, fined and badgered.

    I like the bike as a means of getting around as it helps keep me fit, is far more reliable and enjoyable than the horrors of public transport plus its faster in an urban environment than any other method. However, that doesn’t make it somehow morally superior to, say, a car and I doubt many other cyclists think that either. Please don’t tar us all as rabid, tree-hugging, bearded lefties just because some of us are. Though I’m sure that has its pleasures …

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