Daddy doesn’t want you in his car

Which is why, like everything else he doesn’t want to do, he just does it badly.


I suppose it’s too great a leap to ascribe this to the pussificatious bubble-wrapping of kids.

I certainly preferred my dad’s driving, precisely because he drove faster and more aggressively. It was interesting and exciting – and he was a good driver. Good observation, good anticipation, mechanical awareness and sympathy. Where as my mum could drive, and that’s about it.

As for mums being good drivers, hmm.

In addition, 70% say their mums happily sing while driving, and 52% say they talk constantly to keep the family entertained.

Perhaps a bit more concentrating on their driving would be good for everyone. But apparently:

[Mums] are more considerate to other drivers

Orly? I drive over 20,000 miles a year and when it comes to queuing, changing lane, coming out of a side-road, only women have perfected that knack of pretending you’re not there, not to be beckoned on, no gap to be left.

And when you let a motorist into traffic, as men are wont to do, male drivers will acknowledge your courtesy with hand signal or flash of lights etc. Again, women apparently think that you acted not out of courtesy, but obligation or patriarchal condescension, and will ignore you with the disdain your feeble and patronising gesture deserves.

Exceptions to every rule and all that, but this is rock solid experience of years on the roads.



4 thoughts on “Daddy doesn’t want you in his car

  1. I think there’s some truth in all that. It does seem to be the case that men are better at acknowledging when another driver has let them through or something. I’m always being berated by the missus for not talking more to her when I’m driving through town. She doesn’t seem to think that concentrating on getting through the traffic and changing lanes safely is a valid excuse for my silence, for some reason. Perverse.

    Although one thing I think you’ve missed is that it depends on more than whether the driver is a man or a woman. Another big factor is what the car being driven actually is. For example, it’s safe to say most Jaguar drivers are cunts. Same with BMWs, from my experience.

  2. I drive past a village primary school every morning and it tickles me how many women drop their snot-gobblers off, pull out without indicating and then proceed through the village at Warp factor 3. There’s not a hint of consideration for other mums walking their latest benefits-earner to school or for anyone else for that matter.

  3. The ones that always annoy me are the ones that join a section of the A13 from a sliproad where the main flow is 50mph (and the two outside lanes are usually stuffed with lorries, leaving you no choice but to anchor up and hope you aren’t rearended) and then seem to forget where third gear is…

    The car is usually stuffed with kids, goggling out the back window at the big black Jeep looming up at them. Lady, did you learn nothing of the laws of physics?

  4. I couldnt agree with you more AJ.
    I remember my mum driving when I was a kid. Eyes ahead and hands at the 10 to 2 position looking petrified. That used to scare me just because she looked scared.

    Hoi, Reaper. I drive a Jag u cunt :-)

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