Don’t fuck with Rochdale, Gordon

He should be thankful he didn’t do that in a town where they can afford to throw eggs ;o)


I really shouldn’t laugh, but I’m creased up here, with saliva spewing from my ears.

Oh, the scars on my back…

Footage with gracious thanks to Channel 4 News.

As to why any of this matters – and it could have been a lot lot worse – I defer to Patently.



5 thoughts on “Don’t fuck with Rochdale, Gordon

  1. Yes, I thought I’d pay a visit here after seeing that….all very entertaining.

    By the way, that lady, and the street in which she lived, they didn’t seem very much like the description of Rochdale and Rochdale inhabitants that was being confidently espoused somewhere else…to me at least, how about you? :)

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