Either way, we pay again

During the ash cloud, we’ve been repeatedly told about the impact it’s having on airlines. They have their begging bowls out to government. So now do the airports.


Ordinarily, my response would be, ‘yeah right – fuck off’.

But there seems to be a real possibility that NATS, the Met Office, the Government and the euronumpties colluded to create a completely un-necessary situation that has brought potential ruin to several companies already in serious trouble.

And that means if the government doesn’t start doling out cash to those companies that have lost out, a court will see it that they do.

And either way, it’s with our money they’ll pay the airports and airlines off.

This is the real cost of risk-averse, precautionary principled, bureaucratic timidity, inflexibility and incompetence.


UPDATE: Excellent insight into the whole ash cloud business by Richard North at EU Referendum.

Also, fine commentary from Dominic Lawson.


2 thoughts on “Either way, we pay again

  1. I’d take the money from the Met Office. After all they were the department that was tasked with the computer modelling of the Ash cloud. And of course they are the experts in the field of computer modelling in climate change.

  2. Indeed. The over-resourced and under-talented Met Office is the obvious first target (paying special attention to the Volcanic Ash numpties).

    But let’s not forget the Dept of Transport whose misnamed minister, Lord Adonis, contributed absolutely nothing of any value to the whole comedy of errors. A nice cut in their budget for the next few years would be a reasonable response to his/their lack of competence.

    Next on the list would be our esteemed Foreign and Commonwealth Office for their success in abadoning thousands of tourists in locations spread far and wide across the globe.

    All pointless, incompetent seatwarmers not worth the oxygen they waste.

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