I wonder if the BNP are celebrating St Georges day

… what with St George being born in Palestine to a Palestinian mother and a Turkish father.

Just saying, is all.

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UPDATE from the comments:

He’s just came on TV being led into his Manifesto conference with a man leading him to the lectern…dressed as St George, and he mentions St G too…not one on history, is he.

More at the BNP site.



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8 Responses to I wonder if the BNP are celebrating St Georges day

  1. TheBigYin says:

    He’s just came on TV being led into his Manifesto conference with a man leading him to the lectern…dressed as St George, and he mentions St G too…not one on history, is he.

  2. flamjew says:

    But St George has been living here from before 1948 so according to the BNP that makes him British enough …

  3. Scott says:

    In reply to your disrespectful comment’s on chav culture and Anthony Kershaw from Rochdale,Lancashire/Greater Manchester.

    Freedom of speech is a privilage we are all graced with ,but to slag the lad off when you clearly have no idea what on earth your talking about when his family and friend’s are mourning at such a sad time is beyond belief.

    I understand you are writing this due to what you have read in the press but why?

    Does it make you feel good to talk absolute nonsense about people you clearly do not know or have never even met?

    Maybe it turns you on? Maybe just maybe, you play with your pecker over the attention you clearly crave and the replies to these crap thread’s you keep posting?

    Or …..

    Maybe your just a sad cunt who spends day in and day out looking through the papers and web pages to crave attention for the bollocks you talk about from your the arse you sit on all day.

    either way…..

    Grow up and stop judging people by complete shit you read in the press or on the internet you imbecile.

    Maybe the guy did piss through somebody’s letter box.maybe the bloke charged with murder was taunted for months,weeks or even years but does that give him a right to snap and take a young 25 year old’s life away from him?

    I know it doesn’t and so do you and everybody else in this shithole of a country we are all living in.

    Cheers for making me laugh at your childish cack that spills from your mouth.



  4. Scott says:

    As for your crap about politics and St George,Who gives a fuck honestly?

  5. JuliaM says:

    I’ll take a guess – the chap too dim to put his comment on the right thread?

    Oh, congrats on having the right number of apostrophes in your comment. Next time, you can work on putting them in the right places…

    • Scott says:

      You just proved to me that your nothing but a worthless piece of shit childish enough to throw back worthless comment’s about grammer and spelling mistakes because you simply have nothing else to give!

      Thanks for the humour Al and cronies.

      As for commenting on this thread,it was done on purpose knowing you’d come back with the same old tripe you do with everyone else on here.

      Have a good day you mistake of a human being and remember Anthony was someone’s son,father,boyfriend and good friend of many many people in and around Rochdale while you live your pathetic little life sheltered in a dream world that doesn’t exist where reality is concerned.

      Oh and as for all the dick head’s commenting with racist remarks you grow up too cause you give britain a bad fucking name.

  6. Davo says:

    Gotta point out that Georgie boy was in no way Turkish…

    There were no turks in Anatolia for another 600 years.

    If anything he was greek.

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